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A seaside town along the Riviera of Ulysses ,Terracina (120 km. from Rome) is a favorite getaway destination for locals and for tourists visiting Italy. For those who are looking to cool off in the Tyrrhenian Sea and enjoy fresh seafood, this town has more than much to offer!

Known to the ancients as Anxur, Terracina today is one of the Lazio’s most favorite summer getaways destinations. This beach town is not only about sand, cristal sea and palm trees, it’s also a lively cultural scene, ancient quarters and important archaeological sites.

It takes a little time to finish my story about Terracina. In the meanwhile, you can learn about some useful information as follows.

Location Info:
– airport of Rome – 118 km. 1 hour 35 min. by car
– Naples – 150 km. 2 hour by car
– San Felice Circeo – 16 km. 20 minutes by car
– Sabaudia – 20 km. 20 minutes by car
– Sperlonga – 19 km. 20 minutes by car
– Gaeta – 37 km. 36 minutes by car

How to get to Terracina.
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Weather and climate.
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What to see.
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Infrastructure and public services.
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Main services in Terracina.
Тourist information:
Tourist Inforamtion – Ufficio Turismo
address: Viale Europa, 204, Ter. (LT)
Tel.: 0773/707702/3
Fax: 0773/733664

A.P.T. Azienda di Promozione Turistica di Latina
аddress: Via Duca del Mare, 19 Latina (LT).
Tel. 0773.695404/07
Fax 0773.661266

Emergency numbers
Emergency police number – Pronto Intervento Carabinieri
Tel: 113
Ambulance – Pronto Intervento Ambulanza
Tel: 118
Fire Emergency Service – Pronto Intervento Servizio Antincendi
Tel: 115 / 1515
Sea Rescue Service – Pronto Intervento Soccorso in Mare
Tel: 1530

Police Station – Polizia Municipale
address: Via Sarti 2, Ter. (LT)
Tel: +39 0773707351

Carabinieri (Police)
address: Via Appia 94, Ter. (LT)
Tel.: +39 0773/7709312

Medical help (find the “cross” sign on the map)
Hospital “A. Fiorini”
address: Via Firenze, Terracina (LT)
Tel: +39 07737081/+39 0773708767

Clinica”Villa Azzurra”
address: Lungomare Matteotti, Ter. (LT)
Tel: +39 07737971

Dentist – Dr. Penev Rossen Vassilev
address: Via Del Porto 17, Ter. (LT)
Tel. +39 0773 701414

Family Physicians and Medical Centres (find the “cross” sign on the map)
Medical centre – Ammendola Dr. Federico
address: Via Petrarca Francesco, Ter. (LT)
Тel: +39 0773 726715

Medical Centre D’Onofrio Dr. Agostino Alessandro
address: Via Martucci A. 10 – 04019 Ter. (LT)
Тel: +39 0773 725165

Pediatrician (find the “cross” sign on the map)
Barboni Dr. Maurizia
address: Via Delle Arene 66 Ter. (LT)
Tel: +39 0773 723083

Cardinale Dr. Maria Anna Carolina
address:Viale Vittoria 51 Ter. (LT)
Tel: +390773 723444

Mariani Dr. Maurizio
address: Viale Europa, 19 Ter. (LT)
Tel: +390773 727883

Pharmacies (find the “blue cross” sign on the map)
Farmacia Comunale
address:Via Firenze 1 (in hospital) Ter. (LT)
Tel.: +39 0773/702342

Farmacia GUBBINI
address: Via delle Arene 258, Ter. (LT)
Tel: +39 0773731253

address: Via Roma 105, Ter. (LT)
Tel: +39 0773700050

Farmacia TROVINI
address: V.le Europa 135, Ter (LT)
Tel: +39 0773726080

Farmacia TELESCA
address: P.zza B.Buozzi 4, Ter. (LT)
Tel: +39 0773727531
Farmacia ZARDO
address: Via C. Battisti, B.go Hermada, Ter.(LT)
Tel: +39 0773742047

Cuisine, traditional dishes.
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Best restaurants in Sabaudia.
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