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San Felice Circeo

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Somewhere, inbetween Rome and Naples, there is a beautiful piece of land stretching out towards the sea, gracefully rising above the coast. It is said Aeneas, mythology hero, fatally disembarked here from Troy. It wasn’t long before he stumbled upon the paths of wicked sorceress Circe, who eventually cast a spell on the warrior and his followers and transformed them into pigs.
Not that far from these classical myths was founded San Felice Circeo.

Location Info.
– airport of Rome – 110 km. 1 hour 35 min. by car
– Naples – 150 km. 2 hour by car
– Terracina – 16 km. 20 minutes by car
– Sabaudia – 14 km. 15 minutes by car
– Sperlonga – 37 km. 50 minutes by car
– Gaeta – 50 km. 1 hour 5 minutes by car

San Felice Circeo


How to get to San Felice Circeo.

Unfortunately the question about getting to San Felice Circeo is not one of the easiest. San Felice Circeo, as all area of Ulysses Riviera, is best achieved and explored by car. But if you are not going to rent a car there is some ways to get to San Felice Circeo from Rome by public transport.

By Train:
There is no direct train to San Felice Circeo. The nearest train station is Priverno-Fossanova Station, it’s 30 km. from Circeo.
In Rome, take the regional train line from Termini central railway station to Priverno-Fossanova Station.
The trains leave approximately every hour each day and it takes about 55 min. to get from Termini to Priverno-Fossanova.
The train ticket price is € 5.
Then from station Priverno-Fossanova, take bus to San Felice Circeo with COTRAL. The line Priverno-Fossanova to Circeo is not very well connected and it might happen you will not find the appropriate time schedule.
In this case take the bus to Sabaudia, and from Sabaudia to Circeo you’ll get by taxi. There is always option to order the taxi or car service to Priverno-Fossanova. It will cost you € 45-50. To order taxi or car service wright us on:

By Bus
From EUR Fermi station, take direct bus to Sabaudia (or change at Latina) with CO.TRA.L. Same line runs to the National Park from Sabaudia.

By Boat
Ports of Formia, Terracina, Anzio, and San Felice Circeo

By Plane
From Rome’s airports (Ciampino and Fiumicino), arrive in railway stations of Termini or EUR Fermi (via Metro Line B or CO.TRA.L. Bus Lines) and take train+bus or bus to destination

Main services in San Felice Circeo.

Тourist info – Pro Loco San Feliche Circeo (find the “i” sign on the map)
address: Piazza Luigi Lanzuisi – historical centre
Tel.: +39 0773547770

Pharmacies (find the “red cross” sign on the map)
Farmacia del Circeo del Dr. Margherita Bonomialtre
address: Via Sabaudia, 38 – downtown

Farmacia Di Pasquale Ignazio
address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 1 – historical centre

Pediatrician (find the “red cross” sign on the map)
Calisi Dr. Gino
address: Via Roma, 288 – downtown
Тel..: +39 0773 548991

Rainone Dr. Marcela Angela
аddress: Viale Tommaso Tittoni, 69 – downtown
Tel.: +39 0773 540626 ‎

Post office (find the “envelope” sign on the map)
Poste Italiane
аddress: Piazza Dante Alighieri, 2 – historical centre

Bank (find the “dollar” sign on the map)
Banca Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena
address: Viale Tommaso Tittoni, 65, – нижний город

Banca Popolare Del Laziosoc.Coop A R.L.
аddress: Via Sabaudia, 30,

Supermarkets (find the “shopping cart” on the map)
аddress: Via Sabaudia, 64 – downtown

Supermarket Carletto Di Lucci E. & C.
аddress: Viale Tommaso Tittoni, 72 – downtown

Electronisc (find the “TV” sign on the map)
аddress: Viale Tommaso Tittoni, 50 – downtown

The best restaurants in San Felice Circeo.
Trattoria Grottino al Porto
аddress: Via Amm.Bergamini 58 – the seaport of Circeo
Тel.: +39 0773 549036

аddress: Piazza Vittorio Veneto 25 – histrcal centre
Тel.:: +39 339 858 31 10

Profumi Toscani
аddress: Piazza Vittorio Veneto 37 – histrcal centre
Tel.: +39 333 1702601

Vigna la Corte
аddress: Piazza Dante Alighieri, 14 – histrcal centre
Тel..: 0773 546373

Over Sea Pub
аddress: Via ХХ Settembre, 1 – histrcal centre
Теl.: +39 0773.548438

аddress: Lungomare Circe 40
Теl: +39 0773546095

Hotel Ristorante Punta Rossa
аddress: Via delle Batterie 37 – up to the mountain
Tel.: + 39 39 0773 548 085

Ristorante da Vincenzo
address: Strada Migliara 58
Tel.: +39 0773 597749

Il Faro
аddress: Piazza A. Valente 3 – up to the mountain
Тel: +39 0773 548909

Fermento Pub
аddress: Piazzale Kennedy 25 – downtown
Теl.: +39 3281214286